1. looking forward to beacons next week, you’ll find me with a camera in one hand, a pint in the other and a big hat on my head

  4. been catching up with scanning in my polariods so I’ll be posting more of them shortly 

  10. (Source: bent-duck, via meth-grippin)

  11. wandatinasky:

    The Replacements- Bastards of Young


  12. "There are too many videos right now that put too much of a precedent on being entertaining, especially within the milieu of the internet; the music video has such a short shelf life now. I watched this Miley Cyrus video this morning, and the imagery was all shock-based. It had very little depth. Whereas the Replacements’ ‘Bastards of Young’ video has so much depth to it: The imagery’s so simple, but also multi-dimensional, which is all you can ask from great art. It doesn’t need to solicit you so aggressively."

  13. groundh2o:

    Parquet Courts - Stoned And Starving

  14. traffic jam sun

  15. whatemilywears:

    swim deep - latitude

    I took this at latitude last year; this year I went with Eagulls, I’ll be posting photos when they’re developed as I took my Olympus Trip film camera and a disposable camera